4k-damage-pack-visual-effects-package-vidmuze-e1354739630437-224x126The cinema of 4K is happening. And why not? I always say, the sooner we hit the ceiling of detail resolvable by the human eye on a display of x size at y distance, the better, right? Storage and hardware are getting cheaper and more powerful by the moment, acquisition options are already in place (and expanding), 4K home media is on the horizon -- and with all this comes more and more tools for producing content at that level. Mike Gentilini, founder of multi-faceted video resource VidMuze, has recently brought one such offering to the 4K table -- in this case, aimed at those heavy visual effects creators and enthusiasts. If you don't have the budget to stage and shoot Michael Bay-style eye-poppery, war scenes, or any other combustible sort of excitement, you'll want to give VidMuze's Damage Pack a look.

Here's the promo video for the 4K Damage Pack Visual Effects Library by VidMuze, Suttlefilm & Media, and Cine Foundry -- demonstrated with proper, fittingly high-octane delivery:

VidMuze also offers all kinds of software tutorials, gear breakdowns and reviews, as well as original content, so be sure to check out that material too. Here's VidMuze on the full features of the VFX package:

  • 4K(up to 4096 x 2160) Resolution video files **With 4K library only**
  • 10 Epic Categories
  • Over 275 Assets (video & audio)
  • Effects Length of Time: 5 – 65 seconds
  • Many of the effects stay within frame
  • Available in 3 versions, 4K, 2K and 720p
  • Pre-Keyed – Alpha channel is embedded in video file (“drag and drop” ready)
  • 120 FPS – Slow motion (choice to change speed to realtime)
  • Video Previews for fast playback
  • Bonus Content (Muzzle Flashes (1080p), Sound Effects & Dirty Lens Pack)
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Final Cut, Avid and more

Here's a humorous video in which Mike demonstrates the types of effects that can be achieved with the Damage Pack -- though it's important to note, as he does here in explaining the difference between 'special' and 'visual' effects, that things like explosions should be used in conjunction with practical elements (such as flashes or strobes) for ideal results. If bloody zombie violence offends you at all, beware of the next two clips.

The Damage Pack also includes some bonuses, such as PNGs of dirt and grime to recreate a 'dirty lens' effect, demonstrated here in Mike's emulation of The Walking Dead's opening title sequence:

The 720p version of the package goes for $100, but for a mere $30 more, the full-on 103GB 4K monster version is all yours. VidMuze estimates a nine hour download time for the 4K media, though for an additional $75 you purchase a drive with the material you've selected shipped and pre-loaded. 120fps 4K pre-keyed alpha channel effects layers is no joke, so if you think this suits your needs, be sure to check out Mike's full post on the Damage Pack, and follow VidMuze for future updates, expansions, and tutorials!