Win 130 Royalty Free Songs During December Just by Tweeting

If you've been enjoying Luke Neumann's weekly music freebies and the daily free music he released this past July, here's a chance to add even more free tunes to your collection. This time the sonic goodness is coming from Josh Molen of The Tune Peddler. Each week in December he will be giving away his entire library of 130 pieces of royalty free music to a lucky winner. All it takes to enter is the click of a tweet button. Here are the details on entering, as well as streaming samples of some additional free Christmas music Molen is releasing:

To enter go to this page on the Tune Peddler site and click the tweet button. And if the above music tickles your holiday fancy, you can download the tracks here.

While the contest is only lasting the month of December, the Tune Peddler site itself looks to be a pretty cool deal. Site subscriptions are only $5 a month for unlimited downloads of royalty free music in either MP3 or AIFF format, with more music is being added to the library each month.

Link: The Tune Peddler - Christmas Giveaway

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Hey guys! Thanks so much for letting people know about the Christmas giveaway. And thanks for the little review of the site. You guys rock... HAAARRRRDDDDD!!!!!!

December 12, 2012 at 9:52AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


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