Rca-airless-dtv-atsc-android-tablet-dyle-tv-television-mobile-device-e1357335942147-224x187Yesterday, Google announced that YouTube was coming to your real tube in a big new way, by way of your Android device and WiFi. Today, RCA has reported something similar, but the opposite -- sort of -- perhaps looking to get in on today's lucrative tablet market. Interestingly, in this case, the company has announced an Android tablet that will be capable of wirelessly receiving television channels, for free -- but not via WiFi internet access. The device will tap the airwaves in much the same way the 'bunny ears' of your parents' old cable-less TV set did back in the '50s, but allow you to do so while traveling, up to 100 miles per hour.

Rca-airless-dtv-atsc-android-tablet-dyle-tv-television-mobile-device-2-e1357337999941RCA has actually launched a site specifically dedicated to their Mobile Digital TV push, with thanks to AllThingsD for the feed. The flagship product looks to be a 7 inch 800×480-display tablet, called simply enough the 7" Mobile DTV. What RCA is calling the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard is at the heart of this technology, about which RCA itself has this to say:

ATSC Mobile DTV Standard is a standard in the United States for mobile digital TV that allows TV broadcasts to be received by mobile devices. Its a new digital way of broadcasting to reach more customers that are/will be using their portable mobile DTV devices to enjoy DTV when and where they want. Viewers can see videos, movies, sporting events, entertainment programs, traffic info, local news, weather updates etc. Finally, a true mobility will be offered to millions of consumers with the new era of Mobile DTV.

The company also includes a link for finding the Mobile DTV channel local to you (Mobile DTV Station Guide) -- and the tablet itself is also for sale at $160. According to AllThingsD, the device uses the Dyle TV mobile tuning service/interface, "which provides access to 130 TV stations across the U.S.," among other things:

The RCA Mobile TV tablet also has twin speakers, dual cameras, eight gigabytes of memory and an HDMI port. RCA estimates battery life at up to four hours in mobile TV mode or up to 10 hours when just browsing the Web... [Though,] while it displays program information and closed captioning, it does not offer HD content or DVR options.


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