From Wendy and Lucy to The RomanticsSam Levy's work as a cinematographer is marked with naturalism and attention to character blocking. Here he sits down with Craft Truck to discuss his work, how he began as an assistant and lensed his first feature film on a standard def Mini DV camera. Hit the jump to learn more and to watch the full interview:

Sam Levy is no stranger to low-budget working styles, and it's always interesting to hear about how filmmakers operate within limitations. His commitment to simplicity is a good lesson for us all. I found it particularly rewarding to hear about his and Kelly Reichardt's goal to work on the edge of negative and not being afraid to underexpose things while working on Wendy and Lucy.

It's just a feeling. There's no way to know if it will work or not.

For more of this interview, head over to Craft Truck to listen to the full hour long podcast. Sam Levy's latest work includes Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha. As always, share your thoughts below!