Lightworks-for-linux-224x126We talked a little bit about Lightworks and their plans for the future during NAB a few weeks ago. The team over at EditShare haven't missed a beat since then, and now they've released the public beta of the Linux version of Lightworks. Although most of us aren't currently using Ubuntu, my guess is that's due to the fact that, until now, there haven't been any truly professional or industry-recognized NLEs on that platform. Now, however, with an NLE that is truly powerful and operating system agnostic, editors will have the choice to work with the OS that suits their needs, not the OS that fits their software solution. Hit the jump for details on the release.

At this point, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Linux? What is this guy even talking about?" While I haven't used Ubuntu (the most popular Linux-based OS) in a few years, I can tell you that it's one of the most simple, streamlined, and intuitive operating systems out there. Add to that everything about the OS is completely customizable, and the fact that it is open source (meaning it will always be free and updated often), and you've got an extremely viable alternative to the major operating systems on the market today.


If you're already running Ubuntu, or if you're considering giving it a try (or any other Linux distro), you can now hop on over to the Lightworks site and download the public beta of the powerful NLE. Of course, there are some restrictions to be aware of, so here's the official word from RedShark:

This Beta version contains the new EditShare Licensing Service (ELS) which will allow users to sign in to the application using their Lightworks Username and Password (an internet connection MUST be present on the system) When signing in each new user will be automatically given a complimentary seven day Pro license to test the Pro version of Lightworks, this is renewable at the end of the seven days by simply signing back in to the application.

The Linux Beta does not include trial AVID DNxHD licensing due to the restrictions imposed by AVID. We will shortly be adding the option to the Lightworks Shop for users to purchase an AVID DNxHD license specifically for the Linux version.

If you feel so inclined, hop on over to the Lightworks for Linux page and get the beta. If you've never used Linux, or more specifically Ubuntu, this could be a fantastic reason to download it and give it a try.

What do you guys think? Are you more likely to try Linux now that there's some serious editorial firepower available in that ecosystem? Are you patiently awaiting the Mac version instead? Let us know in the comments.

Link: Lightworks for Linux goes public - Beta download now available - RedShark