Canon 70D Leaked PhotoThere was word that this one was going to be announced back in March, but now there are much clearer signs that the 70D, a newer version of the Canon 60D, should be coming very soon. A picture has leaked showing the camera and specs, and we've also got a possible announcement date: July 2nd. While we can't know the final video quality until we get our hands on one, there is a great chance it will work with Magic Lantern and the new RAW video hack. Check out some of the specs below.

These are the ones we know for sure (courtesy of Canon Rumors):

  • 20.2MP CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 5+ Processor
  • 19 point AF System (All Cross Type)
  • 7fps for Still Images
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 3″ Vari-Angle Touch Screen LCD
  • ISO 12,800 Maximum
  • HDR
  • Multiexposure Mode
  • LP-E6 Battery

And the photo that leaked showing the 70D (also from Canon Rumors):


This looks like it's going to be a decent upgrade to the 60D, especially when you consider some of the recent releases from Canon that have featured the same or similar 18MP APS-C sensor which has been in use for a number of years now in what feels like a dozen cameras.

While the stills mode has some nice features, I think the most interesting part of the equation will be how Magic Lantern can be incorporated into the new camera. I would imagine the 70D will have pretty run-of-the-mill H.264 1080p quality like the rest of the lineup, but since Canon's firmware has been pretty consistent among these lower-end bodies, there is a very good chance it should be able to shoot RAW video. I don't see this one featuring a CF card slot, so that will likely mean it will be limited in available RAW resolutions by the SD card controller (probably somewhere below 1080p). Interestingly enough, thanks to its CF card slot, the 50D (the camera that was replaced by the 60D) is actually producing superior results in RAW video.

I never like ruling anything out though, so we'll just have to wait and see once this one gets into the hands of the ML folks. It's not clear if the camera will be shipping right away after the announcement, but often with lower-end bodies there is a shorter window between announcement and availability. As far as price is concerned, I would imagine it's going to come in somewhere around $1,000, which would mirror the release of the 60D, introduced at $1,100 for the body only.

What do you think? Would the stills capabilities make it a worthy upgrade from the 60D -- or are you more concerned with how ML might be working on the camera?

Link: Canon EOS 70D Spec List -- Canon Rumors