Video thumbnail for vimeo video More Gyro Camera Stabilizer Goodness: Update on DEFY & the New $4,000 Rotorview from Sweden - No Film SchoolAs we mentioned before, MōVI was just the beginning for gyro-stabilized camera rigs. They are going to come fast and furious (just like the movie) over the next few months and certainly the foreseeable future. We already shared a little but about the DEFY Gimbal, and now we've got an update about the device which should be shipping sooner rather than later. We've also got a video showing off a new contender, the $4,000 Rotorview 3-axis stabilizer from Sweden, which is already on sale. Check out the products and sample footage below.

Thanks to Steve Huber for sending this my way, here's an update on the DEFY Gimbal from Relentless:

And Vashi Nedomansky sent over this one which looks like a good option from Rotorview:

I would imagine that any company that already makes a copter/drone or makes rigs for copters will probably jump on the bandwagon and build one for ground purposes just like we've seen so far. Those companies have the most experience getting stable footage, and while the rigs themselves might not be expensive if you wanted to build them yourself, actually getting them programmed correctly to give you perfectly smooth footage is the hard part.

I'm sure we'll also see rigs designed to handle these, as holding your arms up for extended periods is going to get very tiring. I've mentioned tossing one of these on an Easy Rig, and while I think that might be a good solution, there will definitely be some options getting these more comfortable to use.

The Rotorview is built to order and already available for 2,900 Euros or close to $4,000, and the DEFY Gimbal will be entering the pre-order stage relatively soon. Check out the links below for more info on both.


[via Vashi Nedomansky]