If you've been considering building your own DIY dolly rig, look no further. RigWheels, who has been producing dolly wheels and other accessories for the DIY-minded filmmaker, is introducing version 2.0 of their dolly wheels. The wheels make up the foundation for any good dolly/slider solution, and version 2.0 aims to give users better performance and handle heavier loads at no additional cost. Click through to check out more.

Here is a little bit from their press release:

Version 2.0 is all new from the ground up with the biggest change being the precision machined aluminum wheel bodies providing smoother more accurate movement and even heavier load capacities. Upgraded micro wheel bearings further increase performance over the previous version with a smoother covering and quieter operation. Same as in the original version is the ability to use different sizes of bolts with the wheel carriage. 5/16” / M8 is the native size but 1/4” & 3/8” can also be used.

All of these new improvements and refinements come at the same affordable price of $115.00 for a set of 4.

While this is an older video, this should give you an idea of what RigWheels has to offer:

You can also build a more heavy-duty version with another set of wheels:

One of the keys to RigWheels is their portability. These can be mounted (and unmounted) to practically any setup so that you can bring them with you very easily. For example, if you're travelling and you'd like to keep your kit to a minimum, but you'd still like to have the flexibility of a dolly move, you can unmount the wheels from your current setup, bring them with you, and then cheaply add them to a brand new setup once you arrive.

RigMount X, mentioned in the video above, inexpensively adds magnets to any rig (it starts at $225 for the plate and magnets). Check it out in action (they don't recommend using it without a safety line for obvious reasons -- but this is a demonstration of the strength of the RigMount):

Here is the suction mount version also mentioned in the video above (this one starts at $150 with the plate and suction cups):

For more on RigWheels and to check out their other products, head on over to their website.

Link: RigWheels

Disclosure: RigWheels is a No Film School advertiser.