Art of Visual Storytelling - Alex BuonoReferring to him by his work on Saturday Night Live is easy shorthand, but it's only a small part of Academy Award-nominated DP Alex Buono's toolset. He has shot features, docs, shorts, commercials, and everything in between, and he's decided to take what he's learned and go on a workshop tour of the US (including stops in Canada). The difference with this workshop series is that it's not just about learning to shoot, but about everything that goes into the creation of a shot, including the theories behind why shots are design visually in particular ways. Check out his introduction below:

The tour has already been through Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Columbus, but there are still many stops to go. Here is the complete list of dates, starting with June:

  • Jun 09 Chicago, IL (Sold Out)
  • Jun 11 Detroit , MI
  • Jun 13 Toronto, ON
  • Jun 15 Boston, MA
  • Jun 16 New York, NY (Sold Out)
  • Jun 20 Newark, NJ
  • Jun 22 Philadelphia, PA
  • Jun 23 Washington DC, VA
  • Jun 25 Charlotte, NC
  • Jun 27 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Jun 28 Tampa, FL
  • Jun 30 Atlanta, GA

July Dates:

  • Jul 07 Baton Rouge, LA
  • Jul 09 Houston, TX
  • Jul 11 Austin, TX
  • Jul 12 Dallas, TX
  • Jul 14 Phoenix, AZ
  • Jul 16 San Diego, CA
  • Jul 20 Irvine, CA
  • Jul 21 Los Angeles , CA
  • Jul 23 Las Vegas, NV
  • Jul 25 Denver, CO
  • Jul 27 San Jose, CA
  • Jul 28 San Francisco, CA
  • Jul 30 Salt Lake City, UT

August Dates:

  • Aug 01 Portland, OR
  • Aug 02 Vancouver, BC
  • Aug 04 Seattle, WA

Alex has been shooting all of SNL's shorts and other films for many years now, but he's also got some features under his belt, including Green Street Hooligans and Bigger, Faster, Stronger:

While not all workshops will be helpful to all skill levels, I think something like this will actually have a bit for everyone. The visual structure and design part of the workshop sounds incredibly fascinating, and it is certainly one of the ways this particular workshop is separating itself from everything else out there. The full day is about $300, which includes a number of things, including a pass to NAB 2014. You can also apply separately to just the day or just the night workshop on any of the dates above, and those are $220 and $80, respectively.

For more information and registration information, head on over to the to the Art of Visual Storytelling website.