As many of you know, the VFX industry is going through its own turmoil these days, with many of the hardworking artists taking the brunt of the dissatisfaction. Back in March there was a protest at the Oscars after the Life of Pi incident after Rhythm & Hues went bankrupt even after winning the Academy Award. If you want to know the future of the industry and potential solutions to the problems that VFX workers face, get the scoop from VFX giants Scott Ross and Scott Squires from their recent presentation at NAB:

Yikes. So it's tough times for VFX artists. At least they seem to still have a sense of humor about it...

Government subsidies remain a huge proponent in the instability and inefficiency of VFX jobs, but people are mobilizing. VFX Soldier is running a campaign to help end these subsidies. VFX workers are speaking out, and the figureheads of the industry are actively seeking retribution.

Much of the discussion for the problems VFX artists face revolve around the question: "Do visual effects make better movies?"

Well, as Scott says in the video, it's not necessarily that VFX make better movies, but they make some movies possible. Personally, I usually don't go for VFX driven films, but I still think it's an incredibly important part of the evolution of filmmaking, and hope to add some fuel to the fire for creating a better paradigm for these artists to work in. They should get paid for the work they do: making the impossible possible.

What are your thoughts on the state of this shifting industry? Are you a VFX worker? Share your experience and join the discuss in the comments below.