Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch 15 Glorious Minutes of BTS Footage from Neill Blomkamp's RED EPIC-Shot 'Elysium' - No Film SchoolWe're still waiting on that RED DRAGON footage, but in the meantime, how about some great-looking footage shot on the current RED EPIC MX? Even though Neill Blomkamp's Elysium doesn't open up in theaters for another week, you can watch a bunch of fascinating behind the scenes footage right now. You may recall Blomkamp's name from District 9, which opened just 4 years ago (and was shot on the pre-MX RED ONE). Check out a trailer for the new film and a clip, and watch the BTS footage below.

The BTS footage seems to freeze a bit somewhere around 3 minutes, but it comes back later with synced audio:

I think it's interesting at one point that you get a nice clean look at the monitor and they are shooting at ISO 800 and REDCODE 3:1. I know Prometheus and The Amazing Spider-Man stuck mostly with 5:1 (with some scenes at 3:1 at least for Prometheus), so it would be interesting to know if the whole movie was shot 3:1, or only specific scenes (because that's a lot of data!). A lot has been said about how EPIC footage should be shot, with some choosing 800, and some choosing 320-640. Either way, even if there was a little noise, the movie is going through a ton of post processing that should remove anything unsightly.

What do you guys think? Who is excited for Elysium?

Link: Elysium -- IMDb