The first cameras could be in the hands of some lucky owners by the end of the month, but until then, if you've still been on the fence about what the little Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is capable of, we've got some new footage to show you. While the previous clips were from John Brawley -- who has worked closely with Blackmagic to develop the camera -- the new clip is from a third party entirely. Check out some brand new Pocket footage below.

This was sent over by Hook who is one half of A Couple of Night Owls:

Here is what was posted for the description:

Been out grabbing some footage and testing this little guy the last week or so and having a blast! I really can't get over the image that's coming from this tiny little package. Amazing. The stealth factor is also great as everyone assumes you're on a typical "point and shoot" and don't think twice so pay you no attention. I can see myself shooting casually with this more than my EF 2.5k model (which i plan to sell to get the MFT mount version) as it's so portable and light-weight, i can take it just about anywhere with me. I couldn't bring myself to rig up this camera as it kind of defeats the purpose to me.

The footage is mostly made up of our Canon L Primes via the Redrcok Live Lens adapter so that i can control aperture on our lenses. Some shots are with the Panasonic/Lumix 12-35/2.8 (thanks to Gilbert for loaning me this and a couple of other active lenses to test with).

Lenses used in this clip are:

Canon 24/1.4L
Canon 35/1.4L
Canon 50/1.2L
Canon 100/2.8L
Panasonic/Lumix 12-35/2.8

Everything is either handheld, on a monopod, or on a Glidecam HD4000 (thanks to Si Moore). Majority is shot at ASA400 (did not shoot RAW) with a few of the night shots at ASA800, but even some of them are at 400. Most of the night shots are also at F1.4. The glidecam stuff by the beach was the Lumix 12-35 at around F16 (don't have any ND's that fit the filter thread). Otherwise the majority of the day shots are at F2.0 using Tiffen IRND's to get appropriate exposure.

Shot in BMDFilm with my LUT applied, and only minor corrections beyond that:

I can see this camera becoming VERY popular. Great stuff and congrats again to all the team at blackmagic, plus a HUGE thank you to BMD for letting me take this guy for a test drive!!

If you missed the previous videos showing off the camera, here they are:

The big question I'm sure most of you have is, will you get your camera by the end of the month? Blackmagic has said they would ship by July, but they've never mentioned how many cameras they think they can ship. It should also be noted that shipping for them really means shipping to resellers like B&H, which means it can take additional time for the resellers to get everything in order. While I do think at least some cameras could ship this month, it's anyone's guess how many they have on order and how many they expect to get out in the next few weeks -- especially since they are still fulfilling backorders on the original BMCC.

As for the 4K camera, Blackmagic says they are still working to ship by the end of this month. Not having footage in public yet doesn't necessarily mean anything, but at NAB the Pocket seemed farther along in the process. We'll just have to wait and see.