It might not be the first thing on your mind when producing content, but a quality music track can make a huge difference, and greatly improve the quality of the final piece. And who doesn't love free stuff? That's why we're excited that Luke Neumann has brought back the Daily Freebie (not to be confused with his Weekly Freebie). Throughout the month of July, he's giving away a Royalty Free music track every day, and they'll be live only for the day they are released. Check out the first track below, as well as some other samples from Luke.

Here is Luke talking about the Daily Freebie project:

The Daily Freebie Project – A new 100% Royalty Free song will be released daily (Mon.-Fri.) for the month of July. The music in the Daily Freebie Project can be used in any commercial/non-commercial production.   Each song will be available for 24 hours and then taken offline.

The first track, “Back of the Class”, is an orchestral piece that begins with a comedic sounding Pizzicato line on the Bass. The Timpani picks up the intensity a bit while the Woodwinds provide an anchor to the silliness of the track. Useful for comedic scenes, personal videos, and animated shorts.

*All tracks in the Daily Freebie project are 100% Royalty Free and ready to use in any commercial/non commercial work as long as credit is given as follows (Luke Neumann – “Track Name Here”).

Listen to Back of the Class here -- it will be available until midnight PST:

And if you're curious about some of the other styles you might get, here are a few more samples he's already got online:

On a somewhat related note, if you missed it, he's going to be producing some in-depth BTS videos for his Sci-Fi short called The Beacon:

The "How I Would Film It - An Epic Sci Fi" series kicks off the next phase of Neumann Films tutorials. The first episode in the series (Episode #1 - Pre Production) will launch on the same day as the short film (TBD) and a new episode will be released weekly for 8 straight weeks.


Created by Luke Neumann
BTS filmed by Marika Neumann
Starring Pete Dryden

Filmed on the RED Epic in 5K ANA mode using Kowa 2x PL Mount Anamorphic lenses

BTS filmed with hacked Panasonic GH2 and Canon 5D Mark III

Be sure to head on over to Neumann Films to get the newest track every day, and also check out all of the other goodies Luke has for sale on his site.