Video thumbnail for youtube video DIY Reflector - No Film SchoolSometimes you need a solution to a problem on set and you've got limited resources and limited time to solve it. Recently for Luke Neumann, that problem was figuring out a way to have a number of sturdy reflectors for fill light that wouldn't blow in the wind, and would also be relatively easy to set up with a small crew. In this video below, Luke shows you how to make some inexpensive DIY reflectors:

Here are the materials used in the video:

Are there other solutions for this? Of course there are, and you could always buy more foldable reflectors or bounce boards and rig them down with C-stands, but if you're tight on time, money, and resources, it should do the job. I could also see the reflective film being used in plenty of other custom situations where you need to bounce a lot of light back into a large area -- as you could simply use the entire sheet (and it's going to be cheaper than something made specifically for filmmakers). If the silver is too much or too direct, there are plenty of materials you could buy at any hardware store that are white and reflective, though if you want closer to the same quantity of light, you'd have to bring the white reflective material much, much closer to the talent.

I know I've used all sorts of materials to add some fill, from an old door painted white to a sheet of paper, but what are some of your DIY reflector solutions?

Link: Neumann Films