Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch the Cast and Crew of The Conjuring in These BTS Videos - No Film SchoolSometimes the best behind the scenes videos are those that give you an unfiltered look at the production without interviews or interruptions. Later last year we saw just that with some great BTS footage from the newest James Bond flick SkyfallNow there is some interesting BTS material for the new film The Conjuring that takes you on set and lets you watch the crew and the cast at work, showing some of the creative on-set effects they used during filming. First, here's the trailer for the film, followed by the behind the scenes videos:

Here's an interview with the director, James Wan:

It's always inspiring seeing the professionalism of a cast and crew working at the highest level. Seeing the actors "in the zone" for many of these scenes should be required viewing for anyone aspiring to act or direct, as it shows you exactly what kind of focus it takes to get the job done.

On a related note, supposedly the scores for The Conjuring test screenings were off-the-charts, and it has an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. Horror is seen by some as a throwaway genre, with just enough thrills and chills thrown in to satisfy the core audience, but what happens when you try to do a little more and get generally positive reviews across the board? You can make a little over $40 million in one weekend on a $13 million dollar budget. According to James Wan, that opening is a record for an original rated-R horror film.

Who has seen the film? What'd you think?

Link: The Conjuring -- IMDb

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