The Ravens greenscreen footageThe likelihood of a good number of you having a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in your physical possession is pretty slim. There are a few floating around here and there, which might sound like kind of a bummer if you've been waiting for yours despite delays, but there is a silver lining -- there's more ProRes clips out there for you to play with. A group of filmmakers managed to get their paws on a BMPCC, shot some b-roll of some test footage against a green-screenand have generously made 6 ungraded shots available for you to download.

The shots are from some behind-the-scenes EPK footage taken for director Jennifer Perrott's short film The Ravens.Now, I wouldn't call these clips legitimate green-screen tests -- the real pre-production test was done using a RED, but they're definitely worth taking a look at and messing with.

These short, ungraded, ProRes clips were captured by a BMPCC and a Lumix 14mm lens. While cinematographer John Brawley ran his preliminary test, most of the BTS footage captures Brawley rolling while a bird handler walks a crow across a green-screen.

Some of the shots offer quite a bit of green-screen to work with, which will make for some interesting tests of your own. You can download all 6 of them here.

How does the BMPCC footage fair with you? Did you try any chroma keying? Let us know in the comments!


[via wolfcrow]