Tokina Water Dispersing LensSome more interesting and exciting developments out of IBC 2013 -- Tokina showcased their water dispersion filter that will keep you from cringing when you see those dark clouds coming to rain on  your parade (or set.) Tokina has done something with their filter that has not yet been done -- used a special hydrophilic coating instead of, say, a vibrating mechanism to keep water from accumulating, keeping lenses dry. Read on to get the details from a video by News Shooter.

Tokina partnered with NHK, a Japanese company that has been on the cutting edge of many developments in broadcasting, like their multi-viewpoint bullet time camera setup to produce the waterproof coating that works like similar coating on car windows and other glass, so as to not allow water to bead or gather forming droplets.

Though its intended use is by broadcasting professionals, this kind of lens would be so incredibly useful for not only that, but documentary filmmakers -- even narrative filmmakers shooting on location in a rainy area, like, I don't know, the Pacific Northwest -- a place where spotting tourists is as easy as spotting their umbrella.

Check out the video from News Shooter below and see the filter's capabilities yourself.

The proposed lenses Tokina's water dispersion filter will be available for are 77mm, 82mm, 85mm, 86mm, 95mm, 107mm, 112mm, and 127mm. According to Chris from Tokina, the first shipment will go out "early next year." No word yet on the price, but we'll keep you posted.

What do you think? Could you see yourself needing a hydrophilic coated filter in your filmmaking? Let us know in the comments.

Link: IBC 2013: No More Rain? Tokina Show New Water Dispersion Filter -- News Shooter