symphony-io-thunderbridge-promo-home-studio-recording-interface-thunderbolt-mac-apple-audio-soundIn the past year or so, we've seen a number of don't-knock-em-till-you-try-em mobile audio recording innovations. Along with such tools as RØDE's iXY & smartLav iOS microphones and the accompanying RØDE Rec app & RØDEGrip, we also saw Apogee release an upgrade to its iPad/Mac preamp/interface/mic device, the Apogee ONE. Apogee's suite of high-quality audio devices scales all the way up to its Symphony I/O interfaces. In a recently announced promotion, Apogee is offering its Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge interface for connecting Symphony I/O to Thunderbolt Macs at a 50% discount. Read on for possible configurations and pricing details of this limited time offer.

The Symphony offers a light-weight but high-end (and award-winning) recording studio centerpiece to everyone from weekenders looking to seriously upgrade to professionals seeking simplicity. Symphony I/O itself starts at $2500 -- this promotion discounts the ThunderBridge (normally $1000) which connects the Symphony to Mac via Thunderbolt.


Here are the highlights of the ThunderBridge, plus prices for various Symphony I/O configurations as highlighted by the recent promotion. The first four configurations are the basic group illustrated on Apogee's site:

Symphony I/O + ThunderBridge Highlights

  • Connect Symphony I/O to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac
  • Operates at sample rates from 44.1-192 kHz
  • Latency = 1.8 ms at 96kHz/32 buffer
  • 2 Thunderbolt ports for connecting additional peripherals
  • Works with any Core Audio compatible application on Mac including: Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live
  • Certified by Intel
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Available Bundles:

Symphony I/O 2x6 + ThunderBridge (2 in x 6 out) - $2990
Symphony I/O 8x8 + ThunderBridge (8 in x 8 out) - $3490
Symphony I/O 16x16 + ThunderBridge (16 in x 16 out) - $4490
Symphony I/O 8x8MP + ThunderBridge (8 in x 8 out with mic preamps) - $4985
Symphony I/O 24x8 + ThunderBridge (24 in x 8 out) - $4985
Symphony I/O 8x24 + ThunderBridge (8 in x 24 out) - $4985

As the above makes clear, Symphony is quite configurable depending on your application, and furthermore upgradeable in a modular way -- but the inclusion of mic pre-amplification is key to an all-in-one, plug & playable package. This functionality (with a little additional gear) drives the following promo clip from Apogee:

Apogee items are not "cheap" by either of the word's definitions -- they are neither 'inexpensive' nor 'of poor quality.' Even the aforementioned two-channel iPad/Mac ONE goes for a brisk $350. That's no small price for any iOS audio interface (especially when the iOS device starts at $300 itself.) Quality must come at a price, but it's always nice to see that price discounted a bit.

Link: Save on Apogee Symphony I/O and ThunderBridge audio recording system for Thunderbolt Mac computers -- Apogee Electronics