The beginning of each year seems to be a good time for screenwriters to get motivated for the year ahead. You may have 8 somewhat unusual screenwriting resolutions. You may have 6 things you're doing to write the best screenplay ever this year. Or maybe just 1 thing. Whatever it is, staying motivated is one of the keys to screenwriting. To give you actual goals and deadlines, The Black List has unveiled its 2014 Writer's Calendar for screenwriters -- a living document available online in HTML as well as for your Google Calendar and iCal.

When not writing a screenplay on assignment or rewriting a script for a project in pre-production or production, a calendar with key screenwriting deadlines certainly helps writers stay focused on their work. If you're self-motivated, you may have your own system for hitting your writing milestones. If you're not, the new Black List Writer's Calendar may be the tool and inspiration you need to sit down and write.

Here's the details on how to access the Writer's Calendar from The Black List's writers forum, The Black Board:

The calendar is available in three formats:

  1. Html version complete with monthly writing quotes, hot links, and truly beautiful design by Glen Charbonneau;
  2. Gcal version you can import into your Google Calendar;
  3. iCal version for your other calendar applications.

This is a living document: if you spot errors or omissions, please send an email to calendar at blcklst dot com.

We hope this will help you plan for and meet the many deadlines of the writing year. Let’s make 2014 your best writing year yet.

Each month comes with an inspirational quote and is filled with writing competition openings, deadlines, and major festivals and conferences for screenwriters. The HTML version has hot links built into each event to send you to the event's website for more details. The Google Calendar and iCal versions have the event URLs in the description fields.



Personally, I like the idea that this is a living document and writers can offer suggestions for additional events as well as help keep the calendar updated as dates are confirmed. Plus, dropping it into your Google Calendar or iCal is a nice touch.