We've covered the Mac Pro quite a bit on No Film School (too much according to some of you), but considering how long Apple had kept the same design, there was no doubt a new one would get a lot of attention -- especially when it looks nothing like any computer you've ever used before. The general consensus is that the new Mac Pro closely resembles a trash can, so what better case to use for a new Hackintosh computer than an actual trash can? That's exactly what a German modder did.

Here's a little of the back story on this from Dschijn in the tonymacx86 forum:

As this build gets so much attention I think I have to clarify some details.

I am NOT the builder of this mod. I got the permission of the "modder" to present the mod here. The original thread of the build has been in a german forum, which name I am not allowed to post, and has already been deleted. The admins of the source forum are a little restrictive....

All credit goes to the user "sascha288", he is the owner and builder of that case.

The hardware inside:

Core i3 (Haswell)
Gigabyte z87n wifi
Radeon 7750

And some glorious photos of the mod (for more check out the forum post). The Authentics Lunar white trash can was used (which you can also find here), and eventually painted:






And here is Apple's actual Mac Pro for comparison:


There is some decent power under the hood of the new Apple computers, and obviously this project was not done with performance in mind, but a mod constructed out of a real trash can to resemble the Mac Pro is pretty fantastic. For more photos and information check out the link below.


[via 9to5Mac]