OscarsWe all know that being a filmmaker means a lot more than having an awesome camera. However -- it doesn't hurt. But, how exactly do we gauge the awesomeness of cameras on the market? Well, that depends on your personal definition, but one way would be to look at what the Oscar-nominated filmmakers of 2014 used on their films. Setlife Magazine has shared a trove of technical specifications for the nominated films, including which cameras, lenses, film/digital negatives and prints were used, but let's just say -- one camera maker swept up nice and clean. Find out which one after the jump.

Okay -- it was ARRI. You probably guessed that. According to Setlife, their digital ALEXA and 35mm ARRIFLEX was used by nearly every single Cinematography, Directing, and Best Picture nominee. But the kicker here is not that these cameras were used by almost every nominee, but they were pretty much the only cameras used. Captain Phillips utilized a GoPro Hero3, The Grandmaster used the Phantom Flex, Her used a Canon C300, and The Wolf of Wall Street used a C500 -- but each of those films also used an ARRI camera. (And, uh -- where's RED?)

Things are much more diverse in the lens department: Canon, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Cooke, Panavision, Hawk, and Angenieux all made appearances. (For those of you wondering which vintage Canon lens was used on Spike Jonze's Her, it was a Canon K35 zoom.)

Setlife put together some helpful images that list the cameras and lenses used on all of the Oscar nominees for Cinematography, Directing, and Best Picture. Check them out below:




What are your thoughts on the cameras used to make this year's Oscar-nominated films? Does this overwhelming preference for ARRI's Alexa and Arricam say something about "choosing the right camera for the right project?" Share your thoughts in the comments below.


[via Cinescopophilia]