Photos Printed from 6K RED DRAGON FootageSince RED is still trying to deliver a few of the products they've had in development for some time -- including the new 6K RED DRAGON sensor upgrades -- there weren't any earth-shattering announcements at NAB 2014. The newest products are about adding functionality to the cameras as they exist today, including the new Switchblade-M side panel and the 4K broadcast module which sends out an uncompressed 4K signal over four 3G-SDI outputs. They did however, have some interesting news for those looking at getting a SCARLET DRAGON, and for those who like to shoot native black and white. Check out our video below with RED for more.

Being able to print still images from motion frames is one of RED's big pushes with the 6K format, and that was part of the reason for their runway show during NAB. RED also didn't announce the functionality just yet, but their wireless handheld controller is going to be able to move the focus gears inside Canon and Nikon lenses, so that you can actually follow focus without having any gears attached to the lens:


RED SCARLET DRAGON 6K 12fps Here are the specs on the SCARLET DRAGON, with the new 6K mode really only being useful for pulling still images or special sequences that you want sped up:

  • 6K FF: 12 fps
  • 5K FF: 48
  • 4K FF: 60
  • 3K FF: 75
  • 2K FF: 120
  • 5K 2.4:1: 60
  • 4K 2.4:1: 75
  • 3K 2.4:1: 100
  • 2K 2.4:1: 150
  • Availability: Possibly June
  • Price: $14,500 Body Only, $16,700 with Side SSD and Lens Mount

EPIC-M DRAGON Monochrome

EPIC DRAGON Monochrome has all the same specs as the regular EPIC DRAGON, except for the monochrome sensor and some increased sensitivity over the previous color sensor camera. It starts at $31,500 for the body, and is available in a number of packages in the mid $30Ks.



This wasn't covered in the video, but RED also announced a new 1.8" 240GB REDMAG (not to be confused with their Mini-MAGS), which will be faster than their previous 256GB version and also cheaper at $1,450.



After shooting this video, RED also announced that their REDRAY 4K player is actually shipping. While many did ship out almost a year ago, RED quietly stopped production while they waited for their distribution partner ODEMAX to sort out their launch and roll-out, but it hasn't exactly gone according to plan. Because of that, RED is moving forward with the REDRAY player, and it is shipping now at $1,250, with the same specs as before. Nothing was mentioned about their projector at the show, so it may be abandoned at this point.


RED ARMORY Configurator

Something many have been asking for is an easy way to configure a camera. Trying to figure out what you need to get a package going and how much it's going to cost with RED cameras was never a simple task, but the company is working on a new system to let you see what options and modules are out there, and what it's going to cost you.

RED ARMORY Configurator

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