TribecaThe Tribeca Film Festival is now in full swing, and this year they've included more titles than ever in their online programming. Films streaming on their website include select titles from their online competition, as well as winners of their #6SECFILMS Vine competition, Interactive & Interlude Music Film Challenge, and their new initiative Tribeca Now, which focuses on online content. Continue on to check out all of this great content!

The Tribeca Film Festival Online allows you to watch films from the official 2014 Festival slate. After their theatrical screenings at Tribeca, four features and four shorts from their online competition will be available to view online but only once you sign into your Tribeca account. (If you want to sign up, click here.) You can also vote for your favorite! After you've watched at least half of one of the features or shorts, a prompt will ask you to rate it, and the ones with the highest ratings will receive a prize. (Voting ends April 23.) Films include:


  • Love in the Time of March Madness; dir. Melissa Johnson & Robertino Zambrano
  • Scratch; dir. Philip Kelly
  • Parachute; dir. Peter Stebbings
  • Peepers; dir. Ken Lam


  • Ice Poison; dir. Midi Z
  • Ne Me Quitte Pas; dir. Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden
  • True Son; dir. Kevin Gordon
  • Vara: A Blessing; dir. Khyentse Norbu

Titles from the #6SECFILMS competition, Interactive & Interlude Music Film Challenge, and Tribeca Now are also available to view, even if you don't have a Tribeca account.


We've talked about #6SECFILMS before, but for the uninitiated, Tribeca asks Vine users to create 6-second videos in 1 of the 4 given categories: genre, drama, comedy, or animation. The winning videos, chosen from over 500 entries, are now playing in the Tribeca Online Festival. [Watch Now]

Interactive & Interlude Music Film Challenge

This is the first year of the Music Film Challenge, and it gave filmmakers a chance to "re-imagine storytelling for the digital age by creating interactive music films" using music by Damon Albarn, Aloe Blacc, and Ellie Goulding using Treehouse, a platform that allows users to make interactive videos. [Watch Now]

Tribeca Now

This is Tribeca's new program that aims to "discover, highlight, and celebrate" the work of filmmakers who make creative content specifically for online platforms. This includes web series, short films, or other media. 12 artists' pieces are spotlighted on the website, as well as a selection of their other work. [Watch Now]

Share your thoughts about the films, competitions, or the entire film festival down the comments.

Link: Tribeca Film Festival Online

[via Filmmaker Magazine]