The DSLR revolution put the ability to create cinematic images into the hands of the masses. At the front end of this revolution, however, there weren't many movement tools designed for this new wave of cameras. Out of the massive demand came hundreds of DSLR movement and accessory companies, one of the most notable of which is the Indiana-based firm, Kessler. In a recent collaboration with Kessler, a Canadian production company called Cinescapes Collective produced an excellent short documentary/corporate video that showcases this unique company and the way in which they conceptualize and manufacture their outstanding filmmaking products. Check it out below.

Before watching, it should be noted that this is essentially an in-depth advertisement for the Kessler CineDrive product line, and an effective advertisement at that. With that said, this piece still provides excellent insight into one of the premiere camera movement companies in the world.

Preston Kanak, one of the primary shooters at Cinescapes Collective, recently talked with the folks at Fstoppers about this project. Here's what he had to say about how the project evolved during the period that they were shooting and editing it.

Although we could have completed the documentary in a much shorter period, we felt that it was critical to let the project evolve during this period and because there was no hard deadline for the project, we were able to let it breathe. This piece really evolved from its first assembly. By taking a collaborative approach to the edit, we were able to receive feedback from many filmmakers and adapt the structure based on this feedback. We had a baseline for production and had a few key points we wanted to hit but tried to remain flexible with the story and allow it to evolve over time. With us shooting this over six months, we were able to take a step back and revisit the project using a fresh set of eyes.

In the world of corporate video production, this process of allowing the production and content to breathe is a rare one, as strict hard deadlines are usually the norm. However, the results of the extended timetable are undeniable, as the video above has an organic and fluid feel that is often severely lacking in the world of corporate video.

To read more of Kanak's comments about the video, head on over to this Fstoppers article.

What do you guys think about this cinematic profile of Kessler and their CineDrive products? Let's hear your thoughts down in the comments!