Most of us here in the U.S. celebrated our nation's independence yesterday by donning patriotic garb, barbecuing, and, of course, craning our necks skyward in order to see all the pretty fireworks. However, even if you think you witnessed the most beautiful Fourth of July fireworks show, I promise, you ain't seen nothing yet.

A drone was flown right into a fireworks display in West Palm Beach, Florida, offering viewers an up close and personal look at the brilliantly explosive spectacle.

Aerial footage is some of the most beautiful footage out there, because it offers viewers to see the world from perspectives not often experienced. And if that aerial footage is shot using a drone that can pull off concise in-flight maneuvers, it can make that experience all the more intimate, unique, and spectacular.

We've seen amazing aerial videos that display places and events like we've never seen them, including Santa Monica Pier, Burning Man in Black Rock, and a gold mining town in California, but I can say with quite a bit of conviction that this video from videographer Jos Stiglingh is as extraordinary and dazzling as they come. Using a DJI Phantom 2 and a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, Stiglingh flew the drone right into the center of the fireworks display to catch the explosions up close -- sparks literally fly -- and it feels like they fly right at you as you watch. (If only it was in 3D!)

Even though Stiglingh posted it in May, GoPro posted a condensed version on YouTube yeterday. Here is YouTube's version followed by the full video:

Of course when it comes to flying drones (or pretty much anything), safety always takes top priority. A drone crashing on a busy Manhattan street last year caused quite a stir among filmmakers, and this flight, given the fact that it occurred among hundreds of fiery, exploding projectiles, will most likely sound some alarms about its legality and safety -- though we technically don't know the details about it. There's no doubt that seeing these pyrotechnics up close is absolutely breathtaking (can you tell I love fireworks?), but before you try your hand at recreating this video, remember that keeping people and property safe always comes first. The moral of the story is always be aware of the laws before you fly your drones -- and then abide by them.

Now that many of us have had our dream realized of (virtually) being in the middle of a fireworks display, what other spectacular, unique, rare, and unseen places would you like to see a drone go?

[via GoPro & Jos Stiglingh]