Resolve 11 EditingAt NAB 2014, Blackmagic Design announced DaVinci Resolve 11, and it not only contained a handful of fantastic new color correction and organization features, but also upwards of 70 new editing features that brought Resolve's timeline trimming functionality into line with many of today's popular NLEs. After a month and a half in public beta testing, the final release version of DaVinci Resolve 11 was made available today.

Just in case you haven't seen the videos which showcase the new features in Resolve 11, here they are one more time.

Of course, the most talked-about aspect of the new Resolve is its increased editing abilities. As you can see above, Resolve has some tremendously powerful and intuitive editing features, especially when it comes to trimming content in the timeline. For anybody not wanting to invest in an NLE, or pay month to month, Resolve Lite could very well provide most, if not all, of the basic editing functionality that you need. With that said, it's still lacking some of the major editing features, most notably multi-cam editing, that would make it comparable to other NLEs on the market.

As always, DaVinci Resolve comes in two distinct flavors, Resolve Lite, which is free, and the full version, which comes in at $1000. The free version is an incredibly powerful piece of software, and it contains all of the same color correction and editing features of the full version with the exceptions of stereoscopic workflow capabilities, remote grading, and temporal noise reduction. The free version also limits you to UHD resolution (instead of full 4K) and one processing GPU or one REDRocket card.

The new software can be downloaded right now from the links below or over on the Blackmagic Design support page.