Founded by George Olver and Alex Vero, who share over 20 years of film experience, Movidiam is a global creative network that connects filmmakers with brands and agencies who are looking to collaborate on film projects, potentially making the process of finding work, hiring talent, and getting paid more streamlined and efficient. Creating a profile is free all across the board, whether you're a brand, agency, or filmmaker, and organizing and managing projects, as well as communicating with your team, happens all within the platform.

Here's how it works

Brands, agencies, and filmmakers are able to create their free profiles, upload their portfolios, and showcase their work. Brands interested in creating content can search through Movidiam's network of creatives, from production companies to filmmakers to find desired collaborators. Agencies commissioned with a brand's project can search the platform's database for a filmmaker that is right for the job. 

Movidiam Profile

Managing projects on Movidiam seems simple as well. Calendars, timelines, to-do lists, as well as a secure payment system means that you can take your film from "concept to completion" remotely -- scheduling, uploading pertinent documents, revising, speaking with your director, DP, etc. is all done from one central place, which is a nice alternative to having to juggle several apps.

Movidiam Project Manager


  • Connect globally with brands, agencies and filmmakers
  • Profile work and create amazing portfolios
  • Manage all your projects and organise teams in one place
  • Pay and get paid using our secure payment system
  • Keep track of feedback, revisions and project communications
  • Become part of the global creative filmmaking community

Now, I haven't come across a single application that takes care of every filmmaker's individual needs, but Movidiam seems to offer an impressive array of desired features that could help you out on your next project. They official launch later this year, but until then, it's definitely worth a look. You can pre-register now to receive two months' free access to ‘Project Pro’, which lets you use all of the project management features.

Source: Movidiam