The 'See Impossible' campaign is designed to highlight the stories of people who use Canon products, not necessarily the products themselves, and will eventually feature user-submitted videos from consumers and clients. The campaign is going to feature all of their products, not just cameras, but I think their message is actually strongest when it's focused on people using the cameras, rather than the Canon printers, as you'll see below. 

Here are their first two promo videos:

Here is the first teaser, courtesy of Canon Rumors:

Canon See Impossible Teaser

This all sounds like a breath of fresh air on the surface, but when your company is viewed by many as slow to innovate, it may not be the right time for a campaign like this. To be fair, this is Canon USA, not Canon Japan, and they don't actually create the products we see, they just sell them.

If they do follow through with stories of real people doing really cool things with their cameras (and other products), it's certainly an admirable idea, and it's something companies should do more of, especially since the camera itself is often a rather small part of the image-making equation. But if people think you're too conservative with your technological advancements as a company compared to some of the competition, the whole thing becomes a little bit harder to swallow.

There will eventually be more videos and more material over on the See Impossible microsite

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Source: Canon 'See Impossible'