Currently, having a Basic Vimeo account will allot you 500 MB/week without priority uploads, which, if you're uploading short HD videos without a deadline isn't going to be much of an issue. However, if you need to have a more professional look, move a lot of content in a timely manner -- for clients or for your own impatient self -- or, of course, utilize Vimeo On Demand to distribute your work (and keep 90% of the revenue), a PRO account really comes in handy. Here's an overview of just a few features:

  • Upload 20GB/week of storage in HD
  • Faster, priority video conversion
  • Unlimited HD plays and mobile-optimization
  • Advanced privacy options
  • Privately share rough cuts with client review pages
  • Zero ads
  • Vimeo On Demand

A PRO membership isn't cheap, however. It's a substantial investment of $199 for a year's worth of access, so if you're a casual user who isn't trying to monetize your work or doesn't necessarily need the extra storage, a Basic, or even Plus, membership is probably more than sufficient. But, if you are interested in upgrading to PRO, use the promo code NOFILMSCHOOL10PRO to save 10%. So, instead of paying the full $199/year, you'll be spending about $179. Not too shabby! This promotion goes until October 31st. Head on over to Vimeo PRO to learn more.

Source: Vimeo Pro