The robbery is believed to be in connection with two others in the San Jose area, which occurred at Core Microsystems and Mac House Productions in the days prior to the Blackmagic heist. Police believe that the culprits were after high-end cinema production equipment and targeted those businesses specifically.

The authorities think this is the work of professionals, as the robberies were carried out with extreme precision. At Core Microsystems, the thieves burrowed through multiple layers of drywall to get to the storeroom, and also cut wires for the business's phone lines, security cameras, and servers. 

Here's a report from the local ABC affiliate station.

It's likely that the stolen equipment will make its way to China and other Asian markets where demand for video production equipment is high.

With Blackmagic Design on the verge of shipping their highly-anticipated URSA cinema camera, it's not out of the question to wonder how this burglary will impact their shipping timeline. However, since we don't know exactly which items were stolen, it's too early to say whether this incident will have any effect on Blackmagic's ability ship the cameras.

The owner of Mac House Productions, a production company whose losses total more than $150,000 worth of production gear, is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible.