An update to the app was released yesterday that not only added support for iOS 8.1, but the price was significantly reduced to $49.99. Users who purchased the app at its original price will receive a full refund of the difference in the two prices. Additionally, the app is no longer called Vizzywig4K, but instead Vizzywig 8xHD. The new name apparently isn't trying to imply that it can pull 8K video from an iPhone, but that it can pull 4K video, which is roughly eight times the resolution of 720p video.

For those of you who were interested in seeing Vizzywig4K or Vizzywig 8xHD tested against other 4K-capable smartphones (and a RED ONE MX), the founder of i4Software, Michael Zelatel, recently did just that. He tested his app against the Sony Xperia Z2, LG-G3, and his RED ONE. Unfortunately, I can't embed those test videos here, but you can see all of that material in this Dropbox folder.

Vizzywig 4K Test against RED ONE

Although $50 is still a relatively hefty price for an app, it's much harder to argue with that price point because Vizzywig 8xHD really is an interesting piece of software engineering that adds some significant capabilities to the limited camera hardware of the iPhone. Granted, this app will never replace a dedicated 4K camera and editing system for any kind of serious video production work (as some claimed that it would), but it provides more video functionality to the iPhone than it previously had, and that's worth something. Not $1000, though. That's just silly.

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Source: Vizzywig 8xHD