The filmmakers of the short film It's Not Custard, written and directed by Kate McCoid, have put together a tutorial that shows you how their very talented makeup artist Arabella Clarke pulled off the realistic facial acne makeup using materials that are both easily accessible and inexpensive. In fact, they've uploaded two different supply lists: one that'll run you about $455 and one that's about $55. If you're a professional makeup artist, you'll find pro materials like Skin Illustrator ($125) and Sculpt Gel ($55), but if you're less experienced and/or on a tighter budget, you can get damn good results using inexpensive things like wax, eyeliner, and oat flakes.

You can watch the video tutorial below, or, if you want a written step-by-step, check out their post here.

It's Not Custard is currently on Indiegogo raising money to fund production and post-production -- and, of course, all of the SFX makeup. Check out their campaign here.

What special effects makeup tricks do you know? What do you use for acne? (For SFX makeup and/or your real-life skin condition.) Let us know down in the comments!

It's Not Custard website

It's Not Custard -- Indiegogo