If you're getting ready to record some audio, but you feel like Dorothy walking through a dark, scary forest, don't worry! You may find that with a little direction and instruction, you'll see that learning these skills is a lot less scary (and complicated) than you think. And if you're a beginning filmmaker or sound tech, you'll really benefit from this video tutorial from our friends at Filmmaker IQ.

Back with another installment of their sound series, John P. Hess breaks down the basics of recording audio for video: using single/double recording systems, sampling rates and bit depth, how to avoid clipping, the differences between audio cables, and much, much more. In fact, Hess shares such great little (and big) pieces of information that I'd suggest watching this with a pen and pad handy so you can take notes. There are several things like audio settings, recording rules of thumb, industry standards on levels, quality, and practices that you'll want to jot down so you can come back to them later when you need them.

Check out the video below:

Now, this is just a primer to get you familiar with the tools, concepts, and techniques of audio recording. You can always educate yourself by checking out more advanced tutorials, reading textbooks and/or articles, but one surefire way of advancing your knowledge and skill is by going out there and practicing.

If you're interested in strengthening your education on sound, we've got our coverage of Filmmaker IQ's series listed below:

Source: Filmmaker IQ