Edelkrone SliderPlus

The program works like this: if you've previously purchased a product from Edelkrone, they will send you any single piece of gear to try for three weeks completely free of charge. You can use the demo products in any way you choose (even for paid projects), just as long as the product is returned at the end of the third week.

The major catch here is that you can only demo products that are of equal or lesser monetary value than the Edelkrone product that you currently own. That means that if you own one of their high-end Modula shoulder rigs or a larger SliderPlus with the motion control modules, you can try out pretty much anything you want. However, if you have an older follow focus or just an accessory or two, you'll be limited in what you can demo.

If you'd like to learn more about or sign up for Edelkrone's demo program, click here.

Source: Edelkrone Demo Program