RØDE launched four new items in all, so let's get to it:

RØDELink Digital Wireless System

First up is the headliner: the RØDELink, a fully-digital wireless audio system that provides a high-resolution 24-bit/44.1k digital audio signal at over 100 yards. Headlining the event is the new RØDELink Digital Wireless System. A fully-digital wireless audio system, RØDELink utilizes a next-generation 2.4GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously, providing a high-resolution 24-bit/44.1k digital audio signal at a range of up to 100 meters (over 100 yards).


Technical Specifications

  • Transmitter and Receiver Included
  • Broadcast Quality Lavalier Mic Included
  • Series II 2.4 GHz Digital Transmission
  • 128-Bit Encrypted Signal
  • 24-Bit/44.1 kHz Lossless Transmission
  • Up to 100m Range
  • One Touch Pairing
  • OLED Digital Display
  • 3-Level Gain Control
  • USB and AA Battery Powered

The price is set at $399 and is expected to become available in mid March. You can pre-order one at B&H here.

NTG4 and NTG4+ Shotgun Microphones

RØDE has updated their already popular NTG shotgun microphones. The NTG4 and NTG4+ feature an all-new capsule, lower noise and higher sensitivity, on-board digital switching that controls a 75Hz high pass filter, 10db PAD, and high frequency boost. The NTG4+ gets that "+" because it's the first shotgun mic in the world to come with an internal rechargeable (USB) lithium battery, which provides up to 150 hours of operating time.


Technical Specifications

  • Super Cardioid Broadcast Quality Sound
  • Low Noise Circuitry
  • Condenser Transducer
  • Rugged Metal Construction
  • On-Board Power Button and LED
  • High Frequency Boost Button
  • High Pass Filter (Flat or 75 Hz)
  • -10 dB PAD Button
  • Low Handling Noise
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery (NTG4+ only)

The NTG4 and the NTG4+ will cost $349 and $399 respectively, and are expected to become available at the beginning of February. You can pre-order them at B&H here.

NTR Ribbon Microphone

Last but not least is RØDE's highly anticipated NTR Ribbon Microphone. Though it's most likely not going to be your go-to mic for on-set use, it could certainly be helpful for ADR or studio recording work. Here's a bit from RØDE on the mic:

The NTR is unlike any ribbon microphone ever created. The unique design places the ribbon distinctly separate to the microphone frame and body, allowing the greatest possible acoustic transparency around the ribbon element and minimising resonance. The ribbon element itself is designed completely from scratch, using extremely fine aluminium that is only 1.8 microns thick - one of the thinnest ribbons in existence. An innovative, in-house, proprietary technique was developed to laser cut the ribbon, giving a level of precision and accuracy never before seen in a ribbon microphone.

Ntr_knoonan1Credit: News Shooter

Here's a short video giving you a behind the scenes look at how the NTR was made:

If you want to hear how the NTR sounds, check out this video of Katie Noonan performing her song "Home":

Technical Specifications

  • Figure-8 Polar Pattern
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 130 dB Maximum SPL
  • 1.8 Micron Ribbon Element
  • Internal Shock Mounting System
  • Includes Ribbon-Securing Travel Screw

The NTR Ribbon mic costs $799 and is also expected to become available at the beginning of February. You can pre-orde yours at B&H here.

For more information about each of these new products, head on over to RØDE's website.

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Source: RØDE Microphones