Although Samsung has been hammering away at ultra high-resolution screens for a few years now, this year's model is their most cogent attempt at creating the ultimate cutting edge TV for people willing to foot a massive bill, although as far as I can tell, this particular screen won't be available to purchase for some time.

The details and specs on this TV aren't particularly clear either, but it seems that the head-turning feature that Samsung is trying to push forward with this high-end model is 3D technology that doesn't require glasses to be viewed properly. What's even cooler is that the 3D is supposed to be viewable from multiple angles. All of that in conjunction with a crystal clear display with more resolution than anyone could possibly ever need.

Here's an early video from YouTube user zedomax, who saw the TV yesterday during the first day of the CES trade show in Las Vegas. The commentary is a bit silly, but the video gives you an idea of what Samsung is shooting for with this TV.

Here's what Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar said about his hilariously conflicting experiences with viewing the TV:

Its resolution is even more infinite than I remember it. And then, they switched on the glassesless 3D and I almost threw up on myself. [...] Sure, the image popped out of the screen, but overall, it sort of felt like I was drunk. Only little bits of the image were in focus, and the overall picture looked warped and wacky. I felt dizzy. I wanted to look away.

Ultimately, I'm inclined to say that this technology is somewhat meaningless to filmmakers at this point in time. Content-wise, 8K isn't even on most of our roadmaps yet considering that a good portion of us still haven't fully transitioned to 4K. Then there's the issue of 3D, which as far as I'm concerned, is still more of a gimmick than a useful visual tool for filmmakers. Sorry Samsung and giant Hollywood blockbusters. That's not to say that 3D technology won't move forward to a point where it's a more pleasant and immersive experience for audiences, but right now, 3D just isn't worth it.