While you may not have heard of them, Amimon actually makes the chipsets that power many of the wireless video solutions out there. Now they've got a new wireless HDMI solution called Connex that claims line of sight 1080p 60fps video at up to one kilometer (3300 feet) essentially latency-free.

Here is a look at the specs:


  • Distance (Outdoor): Up to 3,300ft./1,000m (LOS)
  • Transmission Delay: Zero (Less than 1mS)
  • Radio Frequency: 5.1-5.8 GHz
  • Channel Selection: Automatic frequency selection (AFS)
  • Video Formats: 1080p/60, 1080p/50, 1080i/60, 1080i/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/24, 720p/60, 720p/50, 525i/60, 625i/50
  • Multicast Mode: Up to 4 receivers with no delay or qualtiy degradation (Requires extra ground unit/s)
  • OSD Support: MAVLINK Telemetry Based
  • Encryption: AES-128 & RSA 1024 for key exchange
  • Operating Temperature: 0-45 Celsius
  • Regulations: CE, FCC, MIC
  • Availability: April 2015
  • Price: Starting at $1,600 (includes transmitter/receiver)

And a closer look at the difference between the air and ground parts of the Connex system:

Amimon Connex Specs

Obviously when obstacles come into play, the range changes dramatically, so I would be interested in knowing how far you can still transmit when there is a forest or a hill between you and your UAV. While it is HDMI only, you can always convert with inexpensive converters if you need to on either end (though that's another thing to power and mount). At $1,600, this looks like an affordable solution for solid range compared to some other products out there. 

It's available for pre-order right now, but you can find out where to buy them in your area here. We'll hopefully see this thing in action at NAB, but in the meantime, head on over to the Amimon website to read more about it.

Source: Amimon