You've got a lengthy slider, say 42 inches, and you only have a single tripod to mount it to. You slide your camera out to the end of the rail, and your heart (and camera) sinks. Sure enough, the slider is flexing downward, messing up your horizons and ruining your shots. You shake your fist at the air, cursing the gear gods, before giving up filmmaking forever. 

Not so fast, disheartened hypothetical filmmaking person! Konova's newest product might just save your ass and help you achieve your hypothetical filmmaking dreams. Meet the Tripod Stability Arm:

It's a relatively simple solution -- simple enough that it would probably be possible to build your own -- but it's also a solution that is versatile, easy to set up, and adaptable to not only Konova's sliders, but any slider with 1/4-20 or 3/8 mounting options at the head and tail. From the video, it seems like one arm will stabilize both ends of the slider, but it seems like the best stability would come from having separate stability arms at each end. Ultimately, these seem like a great solution not only for people with a single set of sticks to mount their sliders, but also filmmakers who travel extensively and want to lighten their load. If these arms work as advertised, they might just eliminate the need for bulkier support options.

Though not available on B&H, you can pick up a Tripod Stability Arm directly from Konova through sites like Amazon and eBay, although each arm will set you back $90.