Canon just dropped the prices on a bunch of their cinema products, including the C300 and the C100 (and there are some good deals on lenses). While they've had a number of drops over the past year, the C300 price has now plummeted. You can get a body-only EF mount C300 (without AF) for just $6,500, and a body-only C100 (without AF) can be had for just $3,000, less than the price of some DSLRs. The C100 in particular is now pretty cheap considering the built-in ND filters and solid image quality (and you can get ProRes if you add a relatively inexpensive recorder like the $300 Atomos Ninja Star). 

Here is a look at the current prices of the C300:


As far as the C100, it's worth noting that it is the older version of the camera. If you've got the money to spare, the newer $5,500 Mark II version improves on a few things, most notably it has a higher-res flip-out screen and a much better EVF (and image quality is improved at higher ISOs). It's an all around better camera, but saving $2,500 is nothing to scoff at, especially since if you really want the autofocus, you can get the older C100 with Dual Pixel AF for $500 more at $3,500

While not all price drops are related to new cameras, this one certainly is. There is no question at this point that Canon is announcing a new version of the C300 this month, but we have no idea how much it will cost — though I expect it to be over $10,000, especially if it has internal 4K. The C100 Mark II is relatively new, so I expect that to stay at the low end, while they'll eventually phase out the older C100, C300, and C500 (the latter two of which will most likely be replaced at NAB). 

The other thing about new announcements is that it's rare for a camera to come out right after NAB, so even if Canon does come out with new cameras, don't expect them to be available until a little bit later. No cameras from Canon have internal 4K except for the 1D C, but that will probably change in a big way in just a few weeks (and likely later in the year with the 5D Mark IV).

In the meantime, you can find the deals on the C100 here and the deals on cinema lenses here, with a link to the rest below.

Source: Canon Cinema Camera & Lens Deals