AJA's "Summer of Savings" promotion launched today, cutting down the prices of their global shutter Super 35mm 4K CION camera, as well as their Ki Pro Quad, Ki Pro Mini, and Ki Pro portable/field recorders. And when I say "cutting", I really mean slashing, slicing, dicing, even mincing, because from now until the end of the summer, you can get a CION for $5000 -- that's almost half of its original price.

Here's a breakdown of the promo prices:

Furthermore, if you purchased the CION before May 26, 2015, you can receive two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free (that's a $2495 value) by submitting a request to cionpromo@aja.com.

Even at $9000, the CION, with all of its features (global shutter, 4K, 12 stops of latitude, high frame rates) is a pretty good deal, but now that customers can save $4000 on all that and more, this summer will prove a huge opportunity for budget filmmakers to get their hands on an impressive professional camera. In the Summer of Savings press release, AJA President Nick Rashby says:

�CION already offers so much in terms of cinematic image quality, functionality, workflow flexibility, and with this new lower price we�re completely removing the barrier to entry for so many in the indie and commercial filmmaking market.

If you're unfamiliar with the CION, here are some basic specs:

  • 4K APS-C CMOS Image Sensor with Global Shutter
  • Internal DCI 4K/UHD & 2K/HD Recording
  • ProRes 4444 & 422 to AJA Pak Media Cards
  • AJA Raw via 3G-SDI Output up to 4K 120p
  • AJA Raw via Thunderbolt Out up to 4K 30p
  • PL Lens Mount with Back Focus Adjustment
  • 12 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Remote Operation over Ethernet
  • Contoured Shoulder Pad & Top Handle
  • Media: AJA SSD Pak
  • Reader: AJA Pak Dock


AJA Ki Pro Quad -- B&H

AJA Ki Pro Mini -- B&H

AJA Ki Pro -- B&H

Source: B&H