First it was The Walking Dead. In one of my favorite posts that I've written for this site (and that's really saying something, because I've done a ton of them), I interviewed Dylan Sanford, a freelance cinematographer who successfully mimicked The Walking Dead's signature super16 aesthetic for a hilarious Conan bit. Now, the Conan crew is at it again, this time in a delightful parody of the recent action movie sensation, Mad Max: Fury Road.

If you were wondering how Conan and Andy travelled to Comic-Con this year, here is your definitive answer:

The folks at TBS also threw together an excellent BTS video that details the process of bringing this delightful, yet absurd parody to life.

While many of these shots (especially the more dangerous ones) probably could have been done in a studio against a green screen, the Conan crew decided to go full steam ahead and shoot the entire cold open practically, George Miller style. There really is a tremendous level of production design here, particularly in the truck and fully-functioning flame thrower guitar, both of which were custom-built for this shoot in just a matter of days. Add to that the impressive moves from the camera car, which was loaded with a robotic arm and remote head, and you've got to give mad props (as the kids are saying these days) to the entire Conan crew for pulling off such a ballsy, highly technical shoot.

Source: Team CoCo