We're a little late to the party, but Aharon Rabinowitz shared some news on Red Giant's blog at the end of May which is frankly a bit of a bummer. The company is discontinuing BulletProof, its all-in-one media management tool, which is (was) designed for offloading, reviewing, and transcoding footage in order get it ready for an edit. In that post, Rabinowitz also shared the reasons behind Bulletproof's discontinuation, and an important note for current users of the program.

Very simply, BulletProof was never a popular product, and, due to the ever changing landscape of cameras and codecs, it required a significant amount of work to keep it up-to-date. Because of that, we’ve decided to discontinue BulletProof, in order to focus our time and resources on the products that matter most to you.

IMPORTANT: Though it is being discontinued, BulletProof will continue to function, and we will continue to offer support for the existing version. However, as of today, we will no longer be updating the product.

For current users, this means that BulletProof will continue to function as it always has, and if your workflow is locked in, then the software will likely continue to perform as advertised. However, as capture formats and intermediate codecs evolve, BulletProof will at some point fail to keep up, meaning that you'll eventually need to find a new solution to perform those duties.

In terms of alternative transcoding apps, I still heartily recommend EditReady. It's lean, mean, and fast as hell. Not to mention the excellent support for LUTs, metadata, frame-resizing, and more.

Source: Red Giant