There are lights to set up, cameras to position, subjects and props to block; all of these things and so much more make up the literally thousands of decisions you have to make as a filmmaker every single time you shoot. However, to help you get through the timult, one of Hallmark Institute of Photography's resident faculty members, David Turner, shares how he manages this daunting task in this inspiring video:

Probably the most salient point Turner makes is when he says that great photographers (and filmmakers) are not necessarily geniuses; they're just people that make a series of good decisions. It's true. Great artists struggle the same way poor ones do -- with the same issues, the same obstacles, and the same fears, but perhaps the distinguishing factor is a combination of patience and tenacity. Decisions must be made and you're the one to make them, so not only having the patience to make one decision at a time, one step in front of the other, but also the tenacity to keep going despite inevitable miscalculations is supremely vital.

The next step is -- you know -- knowing what those decisions are and then making the right ones. Easy right?

Source: Hallmark Institute of Photography