While we'll get to the new flagship D5 and D500 4K DSLRs in a different post, they showed off what is quite an interesting product from a normally conservative company: a 4K 360 degree action camera called the KeyMission 360. By combining two wide-angle GoPro-style cameras on the front and back of the device, they are able to get 4K video that is combined in the camera and gives you a 360 degree view of the surroundings.

Here's an introduction:


  • 360 Degree Video in 4K
  • Electronic Vibration Reduction In-Camera
  • Shockproof close to 7 feet
  • Waterproof 100 feet
  • Bluetooth/WiFi Connectivity
  • HDMI Port
  • Likely uses MicroSD (Not sure yet)
  • Around the Size of a GoPro
  • Availability: Spring 2016
  • Price: TBA

Check out some 4K 360 samples (move around with your keyboard):

Nikon KeyMission 360 Top

More from Nikon:

The camera itself is waterproof to depths of 30 meters without a separate housing, and is also very tough, standing up well to dust, shocks and low temperatures. In addition, reliable electronic vibration reduction, enabled via applications during playback, reduces the effects of camera shake, producing sharp and crisp movie quality. It has been designed for a variety of challenging conditions typical of the action camera market, while ensuring maximum ease of use and freedom of movement to facilitate a wide spectrum of outdoor sporting and leisure activities.

Nikon KeyMission 360 Front Angle with Battery Door

We don't really know too much else, other than that this is aimed at an audience that would likely also be looking at the GoPro, and potentially is looking for a 360 degree solution in their price range. It's not clear if you can choose to only record from one of the cameras on the device if you didn't need the 360 degree effect, as this would likely lead to higher quality images. Also no word on price, but expect this to be competitive with other products out there in this range, probably under $1,000 — but we'll have to wait and see. Either way, it will be available in Spring 2016. 

Nikon KeyMission 360 Side WiFi

Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera — B&H

Source: Nikon