Wooden Camera has been making RED accessories for years, and they've just announced a whole range of battery mounts for RED's DSMC2 system, which includes RAVEN, SCARLET-W, and WEAPON cameras:

Here are the links to the cable-less mounts (you can pre-order from these links, as the Quick Back is the only one shipping right now):

If you missed it, here's an overview of some of the current WEAPON/SCARLET-W/RAVEN accessories from Wooden Camera:

Easy Top

In addition to the announcements above, Wooden Camera's other RED accessories are now shipping. The first is the Easy Top for WEAPON/SCARLET-W/RAVEN, which runs $600:

Wooden Camera RED WEAPON Easy Top

This neatly gives you a top plate with lots of mounting points, but also converts the LCD/EVF electronics on the RED to the old standard:

Two LCD/EVF interfaces are included. One is located under the front portion of the top plate and one is included via the tethered side attachment. Both convert the LCD/EVF pogo pins to the standard 16pin LEMOs which are found on the right side of the top plate. These LEMOs are specially manufactured to allow users to select the orientation in increments of 45 degrees.

A third interface is located underneath the center of the top plate and communicates with the start/stop trigger on top of the camera. A board inside the top plate converts the non standard interface to an ARRI standard 3pin Fischer. Any ARRI standard trigger can be used with the camera and no power trigger is required.

Sun Shade

The sun hood/shade accessory comes in two versions, one for the 4.7" and 5" touch monitors ($60), and one for the 7" touch ($60):


Battery Belt Clip Mounting Plate

The battery belt clip is great if you're mounting on a gimbal and want to pull some weight off the camera. A lot of these exist in the wild, but the $100 price is pretty reasonable for this one:

Wooden Camera Battery Belt Clip Mounting Plate

Be sure to head on over to Wooden Camera for all of these and more.

Source: Wooden Camera