What is a Filmmaker Anyway? SXSW 2016 Questions the Very Definition [PODCAST]

Beyond breakfast tacos, SXSW Film was full of buzz. But one of the big questions on the table was what does being a "filmmaker" even mean today?

In this episode of Indie Film Weekly, me and my co-host, Ryan Koo, are fresh off the boat (or horse?) from the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. In our festival wrap-up, we bring tales of Audience Award winners; reactions to some of the festival films that we caught, including the Jury-Award-winning documentary TOWER; and all sorts of other filmmaker-worthy buzz and info from the ground. The very definition of films and filmmaking was being questioned throughout the fest, from the multi-hyphenate roles being taken on by noteworthy figures like the Duplass brothers and Ira Glass; to the blurring lines between TV, film and digital; to the emergence of VR and AR. We discuss what it means for those of us who are making...films? 

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