Here at No Film School, we take the time to look throughout the vast depths of the internet to bring you the best video essays we can find. They're a great way to break down the techniques and composition of iconic filmmakers or to discover themes that you can apply to your own work.

Essayists like Tony Zhou, Kevin B. Lee, Jacob T. Swinney, and Nelson Carvajal help us find topics to further expand upon and contextualize in an effort to inform the aspiring filmmakers that we are proud to be.

None, however, is quite as revolutionary as Cameron Carpenter. Take a look at his perspective on one of cinema's most important tools: the long take.


Watch how Carpenter's study on the sex scene directly compares with Kevin B. Lee's work for Fandor Keyframe.


Fans of Paul Thomas Anderson will certainly appreciate the subtle nuances of the director's work Carpenter picks up on that Lee seems to have missed in his retrospective for Sight & Sound:


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