One way to maximize productivity in editing is with keyboard shortcuts, and Tobias from Surfaced Studio shares 10 essential ones for Adobe Premiere Pro that will help you work faster and more efficiently.

There are tons of keyboard shortcuts you can utilize in Premiere Pro—in fact, you can check out a layout of all of them here, but these ten are the ones you'll be using on a more consistent basis as you edit.

(If you're on a Mac: CTRL = COMMAND and ALT = OPTION)

  • Navigation: (SHIFT) + LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN
  • Editing Tools: V, (SHIFT) + A, B, N, R, C, Y, U, P, H, Zoom
  • Unselect All: CTRL + SHIFT + A
  • Nudge Clip: (SHIFT) + ALT + LEFT / RIGHT
  • Add Edit (Cut): (SHIFT) + CTRL + K
  • Extend Previous / Next Edit to Playhead: SHIFT + Q / W
  • Link / Unlink: CTRL + L
  • Add Default Transition: CTRL + D
  • Speed & Duration Settings: CTRL + R
  • Mark In / Out: I / O
  • Mark Clip: X
  • Export Media: CTRL + M

Commit these shortcuts to muscle memory and you'll be editing like a machine in no time.

Source: Surfaced Studio