As Adobe Premiere Pro continues to maintain its market dominance, which is further illustrated by its strong presence at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the legacy NLE is also hard at work refining its product to keep its pace against its opposition options like DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

And while we saw some pretty notable updates to Premiere Pro announced at IBC 2023 last year, 2024 promises even more new tools and features to come — and, not surprisingly, AI will be at the heart of many of them.

However, while we’ll cover some of the AI-powered new features, the biggest news for this latest batch of Premiere Pro updates actually have to do with audio, which is always refreshing to hear (pun intended). So listen up, here’s everything new set to come to Premiere Pro 2024.

Audio Updates for Premiere Pro 2024

The biggest — and perhaps most exciting to audio-focused video editors — update to come to Premiere Pro in 2024 so far has to be the news that Adobe is going to add interactive fade handles to audio clips. These new fade controls will allow editors to click and drag to create custom audio fades to the miscellaneous audio clips in their projects.

“Sound creates meaning, and adds impact to film and video — it has the power to help tell a story, and move us in ways visuals alone cannot. We’re proud to empower filmmakers with new workflows that make editing audio more intuitive, so whether they’re new to audio or experienced pros, Premiere Pro makes it faster and easier to find the perfect tool.” — Ashley Still, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud.

However, it’s not just new fades that Adobe execs (and hopefully users) are excited about as the rest of the features are powered by AI and set to move the needle even more.

\u200bAdobe's new AI-powered audio categorization feature

Adobe's new AI-powered audio categorization feature

AI-Powered Audio Categorization

The bigger news here is simply that Adobe is continuing to add more AI tools and features to their flagship editing software. This isn’t surprising itself per se, but it’s interesting to see that they're focusing on audio to start as it’s likely easier to implement.

This new AI-powered feature is an audio categorization function that can automatically label clips depending on whether they are dialogue, music, sound effects or ambient noise. With these tags in place editors will be able to have one-click access to all of the relevant tools that they might need for each type of audio.

On top of that, with these AI-powered tags, Adobe is also redesigning clip badges to make it easier for users to see which clips include certain effects. Clip colors and dynamic resizing are also added audio updates as Adobe looks to overhaul Premiere Pro’s audio editing experience overall.

Interactive audio badges

Interactive audio badges

How to Try These New Features

All of these new features are available as a beta update for Adobe Premiere Pro and will likely go to the main version here in the next few weeks or months. Along with these AI categorization updates Adobe has also unveiled some new AI-powered Enhance Speech tools and other features that are also available in this new beta update.

For more info you can read more into how to download and update on Adobe’s Premiere Pro site.