In 2014, BitTorrent introduced Bundle, a pay-gate service for content creators on the platform. Today, the company has launched BitTorrent Now, a new ad-supported streaming service that provides an additional revenue option for creators. Participants in the pilot program, which will later be rolled out to all subscribers, will receive 70% of all their ad revenue. Creators can also claim 90% of all direct sales revenue for transactional purchases of their content. 

The service, available across streaming apps like Apple TV, already reaches a global audience of 200 million. It's an appealing destination for creators who want to position their content in front of a massive audience while monetizing their work. Unlike Netflix, for example, BitTorrent Now offers data transparency: its creators will receive email access for subscription and paid releases as well as a publisher dashboard that captures insight on audience profiles and interaction.

BitTorrent Now has partnered with indie stalwarts A24 (Ex Machina, Spring Breakers) and Oscilloscope Laboratories, among others, to host recent releases such as Embrace of the Serpent and The Fits, as well as numerous short films and new series. 

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